Wednesday, May 4

5/4/05 – Not a Former TB Pitcher vs. Robertson

It’s time for Jose Melendez’s KEYS TO THE GAME.

Ugghh… Jose is sick, hence the lateness of today’s KEYS. But they’re still here. And that’s the difference between Jose and guys like Euro Bellhorn or Umlaut Mueller. He’ll be damned if Ramon Vasquez takes any of his swings.

1. A loyal reader stirke4 found this on the craigslist “missed connections” and shared it with Jose.

Jose Melendez, where are you? - w4m -

Reply to: XXXXX
Date: 2005-05-04, 9:18AM EDT

We worked together in the summer of 1999 in downtown Manhattan. We dated
briefly, but then broke up. I was 17, you were almost 19. I've not forgotten
about you. I lost your information and I'm looking to speak with you again, even
just to know that you're well.

Let Jose assures all readers, and by this, he means the Melendezette, that he does not know this woman. (Note: XXXXX, if you’re reading, Jose is fine, and you’re nice to ask.)

Jose has read the “missed connections” in the Improper Bostonian from time to time and found them immensely entertaining, but he’d never really read the ones on line before. What a shame because he missed some great stuff. For instance:

Home Runs Where Have You Gone? – h4s - 33

I met you back in 1999 in
Florida. You didn’t hang around with me a lot, but over the course of a
few years we grew closer, closer to the point that I saw you 25 times in one
year. And now? Where have you gone? I haven’t seen you since
last fall. I miss you… I need you… I can’t shut up about you… or about
anything else…

--Love at first/right in Boston

Where is My Closer? – s4c - 33

We got together last year,
and for the first time in my life I felt able to let go, like I could give up
control and things would work out okay, like I didn’t have to finish everything

But, I moved, my work took me from Boston to New
York, and I miss you so bad. I’m doing really well here, but I have to do
everything myself. There’s no one here I can rely on. And I hear
that you’re struggling, that you haven’t been the same since I left. I’d
love to just be with you again… for just another six months. Call

--Pedro in Queens

And these are just a few of the great “Missed Connections” out there. Look for more in future editions of KEYS.

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