Friday, April 15

4/15/05 – Turning Japanese vs. Eating Japanese, and Chinese, and Italian, and Greek, and then some Beers

It’s time for Jose Melendez’s KEYS TO THE GAME.

The news report on WBUR this morning said that the Red Sox 8-5 win over the Yankees was “overshadowed” by the incident in right field? Overshadowed? OVEERSHADOWED?!? That’s just bad reporting from the normally workmanlike BUR crew.

The Reds Sox knock around Randy Johnson and they think it was overshadowed by a little slap in right field? Nothing could have overshadowed last night’s game. If there had been a Beatle’s reunion during the seventh inning stretch, it wouldn’t have overshadowed last night’s game. And keep in mind that the reunion would have included the shocking resurrections of John Lennon and George Harrison, finally giving legitimacy to their claim that they are “bigger than Jesus.”

Still, the unruliness in right field may prove to be historically significant. Jose thought the odds were that the fan who may or may not have taken a swing at Sheffield would be sent to The Hague on war crimes charges, and Jose’s friend Jamie said that Rick Sutcliffe had already nominated the security guard who courageously jumped in to the stands for a Nobel Peace Prize. While the Hague seems a bit much, the Nobel makes some sense to Jose. After all, that security guard has already done far more to encourage world peace than Nobel laureate Yasser Arafat.

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