Monday, April 18

4/18/05 -- Red Sox Day 11AM Start

It’s time for Jose Melendez’s KEYS TO THE GAME.

Uggh…we’ve heard a lot about how this 11 AM start may not be ideal for night owl Curt Euro, but little has been written about how problematic it is for Jose as well. In order to be able to post by 11 AM, Jose needed to be up at nine so he would have time to get the papers, buy a cup of coffee, read the papers, do some stretches to limber up is fingers and actually write the KEYS. Also, he was kept up last night by the sounds of activity at Old North Church outside his kitchen window. He saw the one lantern in the steeple, which means that the BJays came in by land. That’s a long trip in a bus or a train. Jose would have expected them to fly. So the good news is that they’re probably even more tired than Jose.

Anyway, Jose isn’t looking to dazzle today, he’s just hoping to get by and then have enough juice left to make it through at least a few innings before he crashes on the couch. (Note: Would greenies help? Jose read the piece in the Globe yesterday and they sound pretty helpful. Thank God baseball focused on trying to silence Jim Bouton 30 years ago rather than cleaning up the game. It’s really paid dividends.)

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