Tuesday, September 7


I'm Jose Melendez and it's time for my KEYS TO THE BONUS SOX POEM.

1. Since Jose missed updating the KEYS for the Labor Day game, game 2 of the current winning streak, Jose Melendez is proud to present this bonus two syllable per line Red Sox poem.

by Jose Melendez

3. Red Sox,
Beat As.
Yank jocks,
Fear Rays.

Throws hooks.
Sox see,
Good looks.

Late game,
Who'd thunk?
A's shame,
Throw junk.


I'm Jose Melendez and those are my my KEYS TO THE BONUS SOX POEM.


Anonymous said...

Keith Foulke, who was closing out last Friday's Rangers-Red Sox game, didn't notice. Nor did the folks televising the game from Fenway Park, which was seen locally on Channel 38 and elsewhere in New England on NESN. But some viewers did spy a young lady on a cellphone behind home plate in the ninth inning. Now, cellphone wavers are one thing, but this one lifted her shirt and flashed Red Sox Nation. The Sox, Channel 38, and NESN heard only a trickle of complaints as of yesterday. The fear now, of course is for copycat flashers. Unlike future Super Bowl halftime shows -- and Thursday's nationally televised Patriots pregame show -- live baseball isn't about to go on a five- or 10-second delay. But Sox spokesman Glenn Geffner said the team would be "proactive in seeing that it doesn't happen again." Which probably means fans won't be able to move down to seats behind home plate if ticket-holders depart early.

The fear now, of course, is that there *won't* be copycat flashers. As if the Sox season weren't exciting enough already, here is another reason to watch Sox games. :-)

absintheofmalaise said...

As usual another humorous Keys to the Game by Senor Melendez. I tried ironing to stay awake during the West Coast games that ESPN shows as well(living in Atlanta I only get the Sox on ESPN). It worked for me. Maybe because my wife figured out what I was doing and kept bringing out more clothes for me to do. "Well if you're going to stay up till 2 in the morning you might as well get some work done. I'm going to bed."